Director’s speech

I greet you in the corporate portal of Steel Line factory.

Our large team of staff and partners united under Steel Line brand and Steel Line Company appreciates the interest that you have in the product manufactured by our factory.

We have set a very high and ambitious goal:

«Produce the best doors in the world with the best services».

In order to move towards this noble goal effectively, we chose only one direction — manufacturing the front entrance doors. It makes it possible for us to concentrate all our efforts, resources and competence on one single product.

And today, while participating in different international exhibitions and trade shows, we hear excited voices of the professionals, saying: this is the product made by the world’s best standards. The geography of the shops that sell our products extends to 14 countries. Our doors are being sold anywhere from Minsk to New York.

Come to our brand shops and see it with your own eyes. We will be very happy if
you chose our product and join the ranks of happy customers that purchased
Steel Line doors.

Vladimir Mikhailovich Skoblik

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