Business with Steel Line. Successful retailing business in Kaliningrad

This year Steel Line company celebrated its 20th anniversary. During this time we grew from small enterprise into the largest manufacturer of front doors in Belarus with over 350 branded retail shops that sell Steel Line in 14 countries.

Igor Kiriykhin is official representative of Steel Line factory in Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad region. He agreed to share his experience of doing business with Steel Line.

Igor Kiriykhin is official representative of Steel Line factory in Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad region. — How long ago did you start working with Steel Line? Where did you open your very first shop?

— First time I heard about Steel Line company was in April of 2012 at MosBuild exhibition. Two years later I decided to open first single brand section with Steel Line doors in one of the shopping centers in Kaliningrad. It was the starting point of the development. Two years later we have established a well-coordinated program of wholesale and retail. Now we have 3 brand shops and one Steel Line brand salon on 250 m2. We are actively engaged in the developing dealer's network: at present we have about 20 dealers selling Steel Line doors and the number is growing.

— What region are you developing now? What is special about that region?

— We are working on the territory of the Kaliningrad region only. The main peculiarity of the region is its enclave. We are in the midst of the European Union. There are number of difficulties related to logistics and communication in general. In addition to this, the market is just saturated with various kinds of door offers made in Russia, Belarus and EU countries, like Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Italy.

— What is so special about doing business with Steel Line?

— Perhaps most important for me is the dynamic development of the Steel Line company. After all, we all know how difficult it is sometimes to work with a major manufacturer. Usually the “giants” are not agile, inert and from year to year, keep making same outdated doors. Marketing department usually works in isolation from reality and production. Things are quite different with our Belarusian partners. Of course, there are some issues that arise occasionally. But in general, the Steel Line team works as one harmonious mechanism. Every year the factory pleases its clients with different kind novelties. The innovations relate both to the constructive and design of the doors.
Steel Line implements a number of partnership programs that help us to develop. The Company regularly conducts training seminars in which we get acquainted with the latest innovations in production, receive feedback from the factory and meet with colleagues from other regions. Informational and financial support for regional programs help us to promote the Steel Line brand in our region.

— With what product are you coming into 2016/2017 season?

— The company presented a new, improved design of the doors; new exclusive processing technology creating door panels as well as new collection of doors. This helps us to develop dynamically. So, this year, we opened the large Steel Line corporate brand shop with lots of models spread out in 250 square metre. We continue to grow our wholesale and retail network in Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad region.

— What are your most important goals for the coming year?

— Expaning the range of models in the warehouse increasing the storage capacity. Professional development of the sale and service personnel. The company's motto: “Market offer so much to one client”. Therefore, we will fight for every customer personally!