Choosing the best door for the sauna

The door for the sauna.jpgSauna is the place to enjoy the solitude and to openly chat with with friends as well as relax and cheer up . The warm atmosphere of the sauna helps to spend time with pleasure and recharge your batteries.

To create a comfortable environment in the sauna, it is necessary to take into account a number of requirements. The choice of the right entrance door for the sauna is equally important here. The door should keep the warmth in the room, stay resistant to temperature extremes and high humidity. The door must handle well constant exposure to hot steam. Metal and wooden doors can not fully meet these objectives: steel doors under the influence of moisture and steam get covered with rust, and wooden doors are deformed and lose their tightness.

The best choice for the sauna door is frost free door with atmospheric called Sever 70 produced by Steel Line company.

Warm entrance door Sever 70

Choosing the best door for the sauna.jpg

Energy-saving 5-chamber PVC door box is reinforced with galvanized steel profiles. The door is not afraid of moisture, does not require maintenance, and retains heat 273 times better than the door box made of steel. So, even in extreme temperatures down to - 40 ° C the door box does not freeze.

The door itself is made of galvanized steel insulated with highly effective insulation: high-density polystyrene, which does not accumulate moisture and does not lose its heat-shielding properties. Thermobreak eliminates cold joints: the door does not freeze and does not get covered by icing.

Two contours of sealing, 3D-controlled hinges, multi-point locking system with deadlocking the entire height of the door web made by Siegenia (Germany) provide proper sealing of the door during entire service life.

Anti-vandal Renolit decorative coating, produced by SST technology (SolarShieldTechnology) (solar panel), protect the door leaf from deformation and fading in the sunlight. Aluminium threshold with thermal insert does not rust and does not let the cold air in.

Sever 70 with a window has three-chambered glass with heat-spacer to reduce heat loss. Laminated tempered glass mounted on both sides increases the strength and durability of the door.

So, the door Sever 70 does not freeze, resistant to corrosion, reliably retains heat in the high humidity and changes in temperature. It is the best choice for the sauna door.