How to select the front door for the private house?

Each house has its own special atmosphere. It is the place where you can be all by yourself, immerse in your thoughts and dream wildest dreams. The mood of the house can be felt on its doorsteps. The front door of the house must open friendly for friends and reliably protects the house in the absence of the owners. It must amaze visitor with magnificent decoration or strik with elegant simplicity.

Every day the front door of the house faces the entire range of negative impacts: temperature changes (from -30 to +40), the sun rays, atmospheric precipitation. Therefore, to protect the house from the cold, foreign odors and noise, when choosing a steel door a number of factors must be considered.

Thus, the front door to the house should have the following characteristics.

How to select the front door for the private house?Keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer

Insulation plays a very important role in the door. Thus, the front door to the house must have special insulation that does not absorb condensation and moisture from the air. For example, mineral wool insulation is not suitable for the house door because over time it absorbs moisture from the air and can sag. Multi-layer insulation with special materials will keep the house warm and prevent cold air fromcoming into the house.

Do not forget about the need for insulation of the door box. Thermal break will help to avoid freezing frost on the door and the door box and will exclude the possibility of “cold bridges”. Because of that, the door will not freeze and won't be covered by icing.

The door for the houseThe door must be resistant to corrosion

Paint coating of 100% of internal and external surface of the steel door will avoid rusting throughout the entire service life of the door. Door's corners and jointed elements are particularly prone to corrosion. Therefore, it is very important to apply additional anticorrosion treatment in vulnerale spots of the steel that will definitely prevent corrosion.

Additional sealing of jointed elements of the door and the door box eliminates the ingress of moisture in the cavities and protect the door from corrosion. A stainless steel threshold will retain its appearance the entire service life of the door.

The door for the houseProtection from noise, dust and odors

Door's sealing system not only protects from the ingress of cold air into the room, but also from loud noises and odors coming into the house from outside.

The sealant itself plays very important role and should be resistant to aggressive environments, temperature extremes as well as maintain its flexibility even at extremely low and high temperatures.

The regulator makes it possible to adjust the density with which the door adjoins the door box.

The door for the houseWeatherproof decoration

Door panel faces a number of negative factors that may cause its deformation and losing of original color. Therefore, the customer must always chose the weatherproof decorative door panel. Note that the visor will extend the service life of the door and help to maintain its attractive appearance for many years. It will also protect the door from direct sunlight and heavy rainfall.

The door for the houseWeatherproof door furniture

Door accessories designed to be used on the house/street boarder have resistant decorative coating that is resistant to temperature changes, UV rays and humidity. Such door furniture does not lose its original looks throughout the entire service life.

Thus, the doors to the house must meet a number of the requirements. Following given advice will ensure a long service life and perfect appearance the front door that will stray attractive even over long period of time.

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