New product: a house entrance door with a thermal break

A cottage entrance door undergoes serious tests throughout its service — sudden changes in temperature, high humidity.

The Company Steel Line has developed and implemented a fundamentally new design of the house entrance door with a thermal break, which will provide reliable protection to your home and keep the heat even during severe winter frosts.

New product: a house entrance door with a thermal break

This became possible due to a number of special design features implementation.

The door frame thermal break

In the frame of the front door, we applied the technology of "thermal break" — by this we eliminated the "bridge of cold" and thermally insulated the inside (warm) part of a steel door frame from the outside (cold). As a result, the door frame from the side of the house always remains warm, and the door does not freeze.

Multilayer leaf heat insulation system

For heat insulation of the door leaf of the 100S series we use 6 heat-insulating layers that create a "thermos effect" and provide reliable protection against cold even during severe winter frosts.

Each of the heat-insulating layers is durable and does not accumulate moisture over time — so the door retains its high heat-insulating properties throughout all the time of the door’s service.

The "thermal mirror" and the air layer increase the door's resistance to heat losses by 30%.

Branded sealing system

A multi-stage door sealing system with 4 sealing contours protects your home from drafts, extraneous smells and noise twice better.

Sealants have increased resistance to sudden changes in temperature and high humidity — and will retain their quality for many years.

Complex anti-corrosion treatment

The whole metal construction passes obligatory anti-corrosion treatment on modern European equipment. The door vulnerabilities are handled additionally. Such a complex approach to the anti-corrosion protection of the door excludes the formation of rust on the door construction even in difficult climatic conditions — high humidity, sudden temperature changes.

An additional option "thermal break", which will protect the front door from freezing, is available for the house front doors of the 80S and 100S series.

You can order a front door with a thermal break in the Steel Line brand showrooms