Successful start and stable business development

This year Steel Line company celebrated its 20th anniversary. During this time we grew from small enterprise into the largest manufacturer of front doors in Belarus with over 350 branded retail shops that sell Steel Line in 14 countries.

The first distributor of Steel Line Vitaly Novikov (PUE “Trading House” Steel Line Regions) speaks about his successful experience of long-term cooperation with the company.

Vitaly Ivanovich Novikov is the first distributor of Steel Line factory — How long ago did you start working with Steel Line? Where did you open the very first shop?

— I started cooperating with the Steel Line 17 years ago in 1999. Our first shop was opened in Mogilev. We found the managers and began training them. Actually, we learned with them along the way. Almost immediately I opened second shop, then the third... Gradually, we came out of the city and began to develop retail network in other regions of Belarus.

— What is the geography of your retail shops?

— We have more than 100 shops in key cities of Belarus: Mogilev, Brest, Vitebsk, Bobruisk, Mozyr, Soligorsk and others. In Russia we have shops in Smolensk and Smolensk region. Apart from selling doors we provide a wide range of services: measuring, delivery and installation, service support during the warranty period as well as post-warranty service. It helps us to develop dynamically and compete with other companies.

— What is so special about doing business with Steel Line

— First of all, I great value the experience of the company. Steel Line has been on the market for 20 years. Full production cycle, short waiting time and the established logistic system helps to ensure the quality of the product and respond quickly to customer requests.
For me particularly being a distributor of Steel Line this partnership is very valuable. I am an official representative and the factory is open to two-way communication as well as regular training sessions that help our managers to stay alert to new developments.
We are proud of our mutual business projects. The team of designers in Steel Line company create design projects for the future shops taking into consideration all the details, size of the premises and other nuances. A distinctive feature of all Steel Line branded shops is corporate identity that advantageously demonstrate all the models of entrance doors and create favorable conditions for purchasing the doors. Financial and informational support in regional advertising campaigns helps to promote doors made by Steel Line factory in a particular city and in the Internet.

— What other regions are you developing (or consider perspective)?

— We keep developing retail network in our own country of Belarus. But we also have plans to open shops in new territories.

— What new developments have you recently noticed in Steel Line factory?

— This year is a real breakthrough. The company presented a new improved design of the doors, new exclusive coating & painting technologies of door panels and the new collection of doors.
A clear functional division of the doors as doors for the houses and doors for apartments greatly simplified the work of the manager but also simplified the selection process of the door for the customer.
I want to especially emphasize the new collection of doors called Contemporary. It opens up new possibilities for interior design.

— What are your primary goals for the coming year?

— Of course we want to further develop our retail network. Currently, we are actively working on a large-scale project, which finally confirms status of Mogilev as “the capital of the doors” of Belarus. One of the aspects of our development is promotion on the Internet. So, this year we launched our company website. We believe the online-promotion is necessary in today's digital world.