Protecting doors from counterfeits

Steel Line is the only factory with full cycle of production. The company has no outsourcing
plants or branches. All steel doors are made on the factory that is located in:

village Veino, Mogilev region, Republic of Belarus

Serial number on every door helps verify that the door was
actually made by Steel Line factory.

check the door

Checking of the door is under development

Use the signs for self-checking of the door that are provided below.

Адрес электронной почты
Серийный номер двери

Вы не можете найти серийный номер двери ?

Серийный номер находится в тех паспорте двери и на стыковой стороне двери.

How to check the door by yourself

Volumetric Logo

On the door box on the side of the lock, the factory places volumetric logo. Additionally, Steel Line logo is stamped on the end side of the hinge.

Technical passport

After installation of each door, the company issues a technical passport and special warranty. Steel Line Company uses original packaging for its products.

Packaging the key set

The key set is packaged in the branded package that is opened only in front of the customer who purchased the door. Mottura and Securemme keys have Steel Line logo on them.

Identification label

There is identification tag on the door box with STB stamp. On that tag there is a specified address of the manufacturer and the date when the door was accepted by the quality control department.

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Experienced staff combined with modern technologies and best materials, allow us to produce high-quality entrance doors around the world.

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Steel Line follows the principle of continuous improvement. Being one of the leading representatives of the building industry, we indeed gained the positive reputation as reliable partner.

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