24 months of warranty

Warranty services

All the doors that were purchased in Steel Line brand shops and were installed by our official representatives are subjects of warranty services that will be available during 24 months after the purchase date.

Every door will receive technical passport and warranty stamp with Steel Line logo.

Post Warranty Services

After the warranty period is over, all the work related to servicing the door will be done by official representatives but not free of charge.

Warranty services will NOT be available, if:

  • the rules for using the door were violated and construction debris got into the door;
  • the defects on the door were caused by repairs or installation of third-party contractors;
  • there was mechanical damage done to the door, settlement of foundation, natural disasters or fires;
  • the structure of the door was changed by forces unforeseen by the manufacturer;
  • when careless or intentional actions of the customer or third parties were applied to the door.

Warranty and Technical Passport.

If the door was not properly installed and used, Manufacturer bares no responsibility for the damage done to the people, house animals or property.

Protection from counterfeits

It is possible to check the authenticity of the Steel Line
door by looking at the serial number inside the door.

Information on counterfeit protection