New technology of painting door panels.
Developed by Steel Line company.

inside out

SteelLak technology opens new possibilities in creating painted door panels. Take a closer look at the door and you will see changes on every level of production.

For example, new proprietary technology allows us to create a door with outside and inside panels painted in different colors. The use of modern equipment makes
it possible to paint the door box in two color that match the interiors.

Important advantage

Door panels produced by SteelLak technology is much more than just painted MDF panel. It is a unified structure resistant to shock, abrasion, UV rays and infrared rays.

Deep level
of processing

SteelLak technology took the protection of the
door panels against mechanical damage and
atmospheric effects to the whole new level.

  • Two-component varnish

    Increases the service life of polyurethane enamel by three
    times. The varnish is resistant to impact and abrasion. It is
    also waterproof. The panel retains its color and gloss
    even when exposed to UV rays.

  • Polyurethane enamel

    Italian made enamel works as a protective shell for milled
    MDF panels. It is resistant to moisture, ultraviolet rays and temperature extremes.

  • Priming layer

    It evens the surface and improves the adhesion of
    polyurethane enamel with MDF panel.
    Primer is applied in several layers, which creates
    a perfectly flat surface of the door panel.

  • Waterproof MDF

    We use only waterproof MDF door panels when applying
    SteelLak technology.
    The material is resistant to impact, temperature extremes
    and high humidity.

Color solution —
any color from RAL palette

High-quality European materials and the use of proprietary SteelLak technology makes it possible to create a door of any
color from the RAL palette.

Production of painted panels

Cutting of the panel

As a factory with full cycle of production, we produce not only the metal constructions but also we independently produce door panels. Taking into account the work of 4 specialists,
it takes up to 5 working days to go through all the steps of SteelLak technology.

In the first stage we cut the water-resistant MDF board. Cutting process is automated because improper handling
of the door panels may result in the door that does not stop
the cold air and moisture from coming inside.

Creating the drawing

Structure of the MDF makes it possible to apply simple drawings as well as highly complex milling.

The use of Italian equipment ensures the application
of milling with precision up to one millimeter.

Sanding of the panel

In order to create a perfectly smooth surface, the door panel goes through thorough sanding process by woodworking masters.

And then they manually work on every element of the milling bringing it to perfection.

Priming the surface

Painting master places the panel in a special chamber, where the entire surface of MDF is evenly applied with priming.

The layer of priming improves panel’s resistance
to atmospheric extremes and provides a better grip
of door surface with enamel.


In the first stage of drying the door panel is placed in the room with certain temperature conditions, allowing the priming

to dry evenly in a natural way.

Polishing the panel

After the first drying step and before it goes to be painted,
the MDF panel undergoes polishing of the surface.

Absolutely clean and smooth surface of the door panel has
a better adhesion to polyurethane enamel.

Phased painting

The door panel is gradually painted with polyurethane enamel in several layers that form a perfectly flat surface and allows

us to get an even color around the whole perimeter
of the door.

Drying in the special box

The subsequent drying step takes place in a sterile room. Access to this room is denied.

A specific temperature regime inside this special sterile room allows the paint to dry evenly.

Fixation with varnish

Fixation if the coating with two-component varnish protects
the door panel from shock and scratches.

Moisture-resistant varnish improves the service life
of the Italian polyurethane enamel by three times.

Final stage

In the final stage, the door panel is placed in a separate room, where it evenly dries out and is stored prior

to installation on the front door.

SteelLak Plus

SteelLak Plus — unique technology of patination
that gives the doors visual elegance and nobility
emphasizing the beauty of relief pattern.

Additional protection

To fix the patina we use a two-component protective layer
of varnish, which further protects the panel from mechanical
and weather impacts. It also improves the service life of the Italian polyurethane enamel by three times.

Unique panels

Steel Line specialists manually apply patina on every door.
It allows creating a unique decoration of each door panel
and highlighting the profound relief milling.

on patina