New coating technology for door panels.
Developed by Steel Line company.

Reliable protection
from damage

In the core of SteelTex proprietary technology is the three-stage
vacuum pressing method. By means of high pressure and specific temperature conditions the coating takes special form of a milling pattern and forms a single structure with MDF panel resistant
to impact and abrasion.

Unique coating with addition of components marked by increased
elasticity and durability was developed by special request from Steel Line factory. That is why door panels manufactured with the use
of SteelTex technology are:

  • Protected
    from mechanical
  • Resistant to
    temperature changes
    and moisture
  • Have higher
    resistance against
    UV-rays and IR-rays
  • Have an

Important advantage

If all the rules specified in the product’s passport are properly kept, the new SteelTex technology and special materials makes it possible to install the doors with such panels facing outside.

Seven layers
of door panel

Steel Line company requested to develop a unique coating with addition of components marked by increased elasticity and durability.

  • Special layer

    Protects the panel from temperature changes, mechanical damage and UV rays. Over time the coating does not lose its color and keeps its original appearance throughout the whole service life.

  • Pigmented layer

    Imitates the structure and color of the wood. It also protects the panel from infra-red rays by preventing the overheating and deformation under direct sunlight.

  • Multi-component layers

    PVC — serves as protective shell for MDF,
    keeps out the moisture and protects from damage.
    Akrilat — ensures durability and elasticity.
    Flame retardants — substance that prevents burning.

  • Two-component glue

    Full solidification of two-component polyurethane glue occurs only after 7 days. During this time the glue crystallizes. Thus, the coating forms the single structure with MDF panel.

  • MDF panel

    Special high density MDF panels allow us to create artistic milling with precise small details. Such material is resistant to physical impact, temperature changes and high humidity.


White oak
Grizzle oak
Golden oak
Dark oak

Production of door panel

Cutting of the panel

Working with the door panel starts with the right cutting of MDF boards. If the front door lets air and moisture inside, it indicates that this stage was not done properly and a mistake was made. We do all the cutting only on specialized

equipment, where the size of the door MDF panel is determined and cut wit high preciseness to single millimeter.


The quality of milling depends on the quality of MDF. We use waterproof durable German MDF and Italian

equipment that allows us to create simple designs as well as complex highly artistic milling with fine details.

Sanding of the panel

Before the panel goes to vacuum pressing, it undergoes special treatment. To create a perfectly smooth surface, the door panel goes through thorough sanding process.

And then woodworking masters manually work on every element of the milling bringing it to perfection.

Applying the glue

Special coating designed exclusively for Steel Line requires the use of two-component polyurethane adhesive based on synthetic resins. The process of glue application includes two stages:

— The application of the 1st layer, pre-drying;
— The application of the 2nd layer, drying in a special chamber with exposure to certain temperature. It creates a thin layer of polyurethane membrane on the MDF surface.

Vacuum pressing

Method of vacuum pressing with a certain temperature conditions and exposure divided into three successive stages. It allows us create a special coating where glue and MDF are unified into single structure that is resistant to impact and abrasion. In the first stage a special coating is pre-warmed and adopts a flexible form. It is important to control the temperature and time in order not to start activation of the polyurethane layer prematurely.

Vacuum press sucks the air out and tightly pulls the tape over panel removing air bubbles and possible wrinkles. Re-heating process in a vacuum press activates a layer of two-component adhesive that securely connects the cover with the door panel. Hot vacuum pressing pumps out the remaining air out of the coating. The coating then pressed over the relief of the panel with the power of more than 3.5 atmospheric pressure bars.


The final stage is a uniform cooling of the door panel. The complete crystallization of polyurethane glue happens only

after 7 days, during which coating forms a single structure with MDF panel.

SteelTex Plus

SteelTex Plus — unique technology of patination
that gives the doors visual elegance and nobility
emphasizing the beauty of relief pattern.

Additional protection

To fix the patina we use a two-component protective layer of varnish, which further protects the panel from mechanical and weather impacts.

Unique panels

Steel Line specialists manually apply patina on every door panel that underlines relief and beauty of the milling.

on patina