The factory “Steel Line” was established in 1996
and specializes in the production of entrance doors.

Detailed description
of the production line

Product testing

The company does not use any material or implement new technology without proper research and testing to confirm efficacy and safety.

Entrance doors produced by Steel Line have successfully passed the following tests and received certification:

  • Highest category for protection against burglary
  • Highest A-class level of impermeability
  • Highest coefficient for heat retaining
  • Compliance with the standard STB 1138 for soundproofing
  • Certificate of reliability for entrance steel door
  • Certificate for adhesion of paint and varnish coatings

Government standards

Steel Line production functions in strict accordance with national standards of the Republic of Belarus. The plant has been certified for the production of fire proof doors.

Description of door production

Steel Line factory has a full-cycle production, which means that the doors are not simply being assembled here but actually go through the complete production process, starting with polishing and bending the raw steel and finishing with making door panel & putting all the pieces together. Quality control is exercised on every stage of production line, which allows us to provide a full warranty on all parts and door components.