Building for making painted panels

Building for making painted panels

When painting door panels, Steel Line uses an exclusive coating called SteelLak®. The coating does not peel off, resistant to adverse weather conditions (UV light, low temperature, high humidity).

The complex process of painting the door panels includes several stages and in result the SteelLak® forms a single structure with MDF and resistant to abrasion.

Layers of SteelLak® coating:

1. Polyurethane Enamel works as a safety shell for MDF, protecting it from moisture and damage. Polyurethane Enamel is resistant to ultraviolet rays and extreme temperatures, preserves brightness of color throughout the service life of the door.

2. Two-component varnish increases the service life of the enamel, providing durability, color and gloss retention when exposed to sunlight and moisture resistance.

1 100 m2

8 specialists

15 units of equipment

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