Manufacturing line and storage

Manufacturing line and storage

In 2014 Steel Line Company started the production of warm anti-frost entrance doors called Sever. Such doors are especially popular in European countries (completely new product for our local market). Doors called “Sever” are made in a very different way using technological process that is unknown in Belarus and is “know how” license that Steel Line owns.

Constructive part of the door is made using NoFrost system that fully protects the door against frost and rime. It allows to avoid frazil and heat loss.

To make such a door takes time and complicated technological process, which requires high qualifications skills on behalf of the workers. Steel Line produced its own windows for the Sever doors, which, once again, allows the company to exercise full production circle and quality control.

In fact, we care about quality so much, that we installed a testing stand on which we test every door of the Sever series.

1 500 m2

14 specialists

9 units of equipment

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