Production Line and Features
of the Entrance Door

Entrance doors produced by Steel Line are made in full production cycle: working with the steel, welding metal construction, painting, making the wooden panels for the door and final assembly.

The Panel of the Door

In the production of entrance doors we use the most advanced bending technology. First we bend the steel sheet creating a complex u-shaped profile that combines the functions of the frame and the outer skin of the door panel. Then we weld profiles to the sheet, thus creating a rigid and sturdy frame.
The bending technology helps to:

move the lock further away from the surface, which makes it difficult to hack and break-in.

create a thicker door with a minimum increase in weight, which extends the service life.

install 3 circuits of sealing around the perimeter, which improves heat and sound insulation.

Door frame is reinforced with secure system of vertical and horizontal stiffeners that are highly resistant to physical pressure applied from outside.
The outer part of the lock is protected by a metal plate, which increases the security of the front door against burglary — the total thickness of steel in the area around the lock is 3 mm.

Door Box

Door box is created from bended profile, which provides high rigidity and makes it possible to put the door panel inside the door box.

The hinges that we use are designed and manufactured in Italy. They are designed for the weight significantly greater than the weight of the door. Two reinforced hinges are installed in the heavy door with self-adjustable element.

The controller is built into the door box

The controller allows you to adjust the tightness of adjoining of the door to the door box during the entire period of operation. This ensures smooth operation of locks and smooth closing of the door.

Processing the metal

Durability and reliability of metal doors is achieved through high quality steel and precise manufacturing of all the elements — precision in cutting, punching and bending is up to 0,1 mm.

To protect the door from corrosion, we apply the latest technology of phosphate coating. The essence of the process is to create special protective layer on the surface of steel.

Painting of metal parts is carried out immediately after the processing. We use the powder-polymer coating on the basis of polyester, which is resistant to abrasion, ultraviolet rays and temperature changes.

To ensure maximum protection of steel from the effects of adverse factors, Steel Line paints the door surface on the outside and also on the inside of the door.

Steel Line painting line

Decoration of entrance doors

The polymer coating of metal

Resistant (anti-vandal) polymer coating is resistant to scratches. It does not require special care and protect the door from corrosion. Entrance door with a metal outer surface suitable for apartments and technical premises because these doors have sufficient level of noise and heat insulation.

HDF Panels

Entrance doors with HDF panels are resistant to scratches and chemical abrasives. HDF panels are easy to take care of. Doors with HDF panels are perfect for apartment entrance doors.

PVC coating

PVC coating imitates the structure of the wood, scratch-resistant, has a wide color range to choose from. MDF panels are resistant to temperature changes and much more denser than wood.

MDF with Ecoveneer

Ecoveneer is a high quality artificial coating that reproduces wood pattern in great detail and texture. Ecoveneer coating has durability against light scratches and chipping.

Waterproof MDF panel coated with SteelTex

SteelTex is anti-vandal coating that protects the door from UV rays and resistant to high humidity. Since such door is highly resistance to aggressive outside factors, it is possible to install the door with such coating as the entrance door to the house.

Waterproof MDF panel coated with SteelLak

The factory uses a highly durable varnish and paint produced in Italy. The MDF panels are made in Germany and are moisture resistant. High level of resistance atmospheric effects it possible to use painted panels as entrance doors from the street to the house.

Multilevel Security System

Steel Line engineers have developed a multi-level security system for entrance doors: high constructional strength is combined with most reliable locking system.

Installation of locks of different types significantly increases the anti-burglar protection. Extra locking bars provide additional locking points.

Armored patches are made of hardened steel are installed directly on the lock protecting the lock from being hacked or broken.

High quality locking accessories are confirmed by hundreds of patents from most reliable locks’ manufacturers that provide certificates proving the highest safety class of the locks.

Locking system is made of locks and locks' protection that protect the doors from unsanctioned entrance.

Heat and noise insulation, air tightness of the door

All entrance doors have either two or three curved sealing system with energy-saving sealant made by German company Schlegel. The sealing system is characterized by sound insulating properties at the level of 45 dB, low thermal conductivity 0,033 W/mK, more than 20 years of service life exposed to different temperatures.

from -60°C to +70°C

The door panel and the door box are insulated with environmentally friendly mineral wool, and the front door from the street into the house has multilayer insulation system and sound insulation, especially designed for outdoor usage. It makes it possible to achieve the level of 45 dB sound insulation and to reduce the thermal conductivity to 0,85 W/mK.

Specifics of the entry door to the house

The front door to the house installed on the street-house border requires special approach during manufacturing. In addition to noise and insulation properties, it should have a high level of air tightness, have weatherproof panels and fittings.

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