Description of the entrance door to the house

The entrance door that is installed on the border between the cold street and warm house requires special attention during production process. Besides having high noise protection features, the door also must have high impermeability and keep the heat in the house. It also must have door furniture and door panels that are resistant to weather effects.

To sum the main qualities of such entrance doors:

  • panels resistant to weather effects
  • special door furniture
  • impermeability system

The years of experience has proven that the door models with metal/metal or metal/wooden panel are not suitable as the entrance door between the street and the house.

Such doors can be installed as the utility doors. For instance, the door between the garage and the house.

Decoration of the entrance door

Water resistant panels with SteelTex coating

When making the door for the house, we use only the high quality water resistant MDF panel produced by Germany and Italy. Highly durable SteelTex coating is weather resistant.

Water resistant MDF panels with SteelLak coating

Waterproof MDF panels are made from natural materials. Coating and paint is produced in Italy and has high mechanical and amortization durability. Because of these qualities, such doors can be installed on the street/house boarder.

Multilayered OakPanel

The wooden structure that is made of layers put together in different directions and special coating of the OakPanel make such doors resistant to cracking and fissuring. The panel is 18 мм thick, which adds to noise insulation and heat preservation.

Special door furniture

In production process of making front door for the house we implement very different door handles & hinges that are used on the apartment doors. Steel Line company installs door furniture from the leading global production companies from Turkey, Italy, Russia and Israel.

Kale Kilit

Turkish company “Kale Kilit” is the world renown production company that produces cylinder mechanisms, armored patches and latches. High quality of products made by «Kale Kilit» are recognized around the world and are widely used in Germany, Netherlands and Russia.

Because of its durability, the door furniture can be used in different environments, including dust, low temperature, high humidity.


This company has been producing door locks since 1963 that are widely used around the world but especially in USA and Europe.

“Mottura” locks are reliable, has long service life and have modern design. The feature that sets “Mottura” locks apart from every other producer is the interactive floating element on the key called “MyKey”, which makes it impossible to duplicate or open the lock with the pick or a bump.


“Mul-T-Lock” company has 40 years of experience in developing door locks and holds over 500 patents around the world.

Extra durable & multi channeled locks have rotary mechanism with re-coding option and are made with high quality alloys. It insures the locks strength, wear & tare resistance, corrosion, acid resistance, long service life and anti-burglary protection.


Italian company that has been producing door locks and ironmongery since 1967. The company constantly tests its products, which ensures that they are keeping up with all the world trends in this niche.

The company produces locking systems for strongboxes and locks for the steel and armored entrance doors. “Securemme” pays special attention to all the details in the production. Their quality control is totally computerized and such complicated process leaves no room for mistakes or defects.


This company has been on the market selling door locks and door furniture for over 20 years. The products made by Apecs are sold in 30 countries in the world.

They have their own lab that controls the quality. The company offers a wide variety of colors and classifications, from economy to top premium. Steel Line places a special order for our locks only and these locks are produced in the Mettem factory, which has been producing locking furniture in Russia since 1992.

Improved permeability of the door

Up to 7 heat insulating levels

Heat & Water resistant MDF is protected by weather proof coating SteelTex, SteelLak or the OakPanel.

EPS insulation does not absorb the moisture or condensate, does not lose heat and prevents corrosion of the steel.

A layer of special insulating material isolates the stiffeners, eliminating the "cold bridges".

Thermo-material reflects up to 98 % of radiant heat, creating a "thermos" effect. It improves heat insulation of the door by more than 30 %.

Insulation of the door box has special insulating material that does not absorb condensation and moisture from the air and because of that the door box does not rust.

The sealing contours

Durable two-component Schlegel (Germany) sealant of the latest generation is resistant to aggressive environments, temperature extremes and retains its elasticity at low and high temperatures.

German System

Patched lever lock with spring-loaded shutters do not let the cold air through the keyhole. Additional sealing of joints & elements of the door and door frame eliminates the ingress of cold air or moisture in the door. Controller allows you to adjust the density between the door and the door box throughout the entire service span of the door.

Questions and Answers

More details about installation of the door and proper usage of the door
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