Production line and warehouse

Production line and warehouse

Billet Line

Steel Line factory achieves 99,9 % accuracy because of the fully automated production process. German made coordinate-punching machines make billets from the sheet of steel making desired cuts on the steel panels and door boxes with programed contour and all necessary holes. Then the billets are fed to the bending press where it is given its volume and shape.

Welding and polymer painting line

This is the place where all the separate pieces are connected into one steel door in a single metal structure. Semi-automatic welding done within inert gas environment ensuring the durability of the door.
Modern technology of phosphatization is used to protect the steel from corrosion and for better paint adhesion with the surface of the door. All operations take place on the Italian made automatic conveyor line with the Swiss robots-manipulators. The conveyor speed is up to 4 meters per minute.

Assembly and packaging line

The final installment & connection of all door components happens here and the finished product is produced. The door itself and the door box are insulated using SteelFix original technology. Door panels are installed, sealing of the frame is completed and locks & fittings are emplaced. 
The multilayer packaging is applied here and is made of different materials, which guarantees the safety of the door during transportion over long distances, shaking on rough roads and possible careless actions during unloading.

Warehouse #1

The warehouse for the finished product has 520 door cells for vertical storage and 40 pallets for fully packaged doors. Vertical storage door cells can store even custom made doors regardless of its size.

3 672 m2

74 specialists

43 units of equipment

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